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i fell in love with you, but you broke my heart. I don't feel like i deserve to cry, you were never mine. i wish you the best mi amor. i hope one day you will find the guy who could sing to you, make you laugh, wipe your tears and tell you that he loves you everyday.

a.a. te amo.

I have been starving myself for four years and nobody knows. People think i have the most perfect and happy life- yet, not even my husband has noticed.

I broke up with a guy ages ago and now he is going out with my bestfriend and i think im falling for him again. i always look at him and he sometimes is looking at me and smiles i dont know what that means.

Lying in bed on the 17th floor of a hotel and all I can think about is throwing myself off the balcony.

i love this guy

i think my crush likes me and i like him but im to afraid to ask him out

I dont know why but even after he left me the way he did I still love him......I think I always will...he's always been my dream guy!!

As soon as my doctor said she was prescribing me a strand of benzodiazepine, my heart skipped a beat because I knew that If I wanted to kill myself, I could over dose on that drug.

i used to love school when was younger. now i HATEit-.-

I make men fall in love with me and I use them emotionally. I string them along because I want to be loved and I don't want to be alone. I am beautiful but different and I know what I am doing. I manipulate, I lie and I cheat. I have hurt so many wonderful men and I am killing myself.

I cut myself and scratched FAT on my arm so I'll always be reminded that I'm never going to be good enough for anyone.

i hate they way i look, ive got pimples n they make me feel so ugly n im sick of covering my face in make up. i give up. im so ugly.

I am so lonely.

My worst fear is coming true, i'm not good enough.

I'm 14 with bad stretch marks (never ever been overweight) it makes me so damn mad I cry myself to sleep every night.

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