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I miss talking to her
I miss reading the emails she sent me
I miss the hugs
I miss everything about her.
It is unbearable that we are so far apart, and the long wait can't go any faster. Unbelievable to be in love with her, and she does miss me.

Everyone thiks i stopped smoking but i sneak them when no-ones around or i hide.

I love you andrew and will always love you. I screwed up and I'm sorry i cheated from your ex little j

I hate corn

I hate my twin sister. It's like I'm in a bad marriage and there's no such thing as divorce. Ugh.

im sick of being cinderella.....when will i get my happily ever after? more like when will i let myself have my happily ever after, i cant stop holding back, but why? there is no one from my past comming to my rescue he is gone 4 ever, maybe when he left he took my heart aswell? will i ever love and be loved again?

We talk about our future all the time...our house, our kids, being married...the other day i told you i cant imagine our wedding, you were quite shocked...the only reason i cant is that ur shorter than me (even if its only slightly) and i dont think you would like standing on a box opposite me...i think it will look funny to our guests if i wear heels...perhaps we should get married barefoot....but i like heels...

I don't know whether I, as a Muslim, should disapprove of homosexuality. But I do not believe that it is a choice. Why would God punish my gay friends for something they have no control over? Sometimes I'm afraid that I like girls and I don't know what to do about it.

I tend to look down on people who obsequiously conform to mainstream pop culture...but I love Lady GaGa.

I was idiot...I loved so much you & you said these pathetic words to me: "baby I love you but you on't be happy with me. you need another girl..." & you left!!! I wanted to stay with me, I was so bad without you, I thought I would die wihtout you & you even weren't replaying my messages...Now I hate you "baby"! & I don't love you anymore! Go find other man! I don't want you anymore! I was idiot spent a month with you on my mind...

And now... It's funny but I like my co-worker...But she has family & son...But I like her & think about her at night..hehhh

I cut myself.

i am failing maths- the highest mark i've had all year is 34%, lowest is 15%. i don't know what i want to do with my life and i've nearly finished school.

i love mark too

I did not know how it happens. I thought I will kiss you only.But then you let me in your room.
It was nice to sleep beside you.

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