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I know ill never be like her, and thats ok it doesnt hurt to see you have secrets with her, or that you pay more attention to her. but what does hurt is when she calls you mum. your my mummy i was suppose to be your first born but then she came along, we may have the same dad but i hate telling everyone shes my real sister and your her real mum. I secretly loathe her and the day i move out i want nothing to do with her.

You ignore me when i dont come to school. when the truth is im just so tired and find it hard to get out of bed. you call me lazy and say ill never get anywhere in life because i miss out on so much school. well its ture i wont get anywhere in life, i wont get married, have kids or grow old because the cancer has spread and the doctor says i have 7 months to live. i havent told you this because you'll somehow make it about you.

:{D << he has a mustache

sharleen you are a user and bludger. you are not sick, you do not deserve to be on a benefit, you should be working like everyone else who is able does!!! im glad we had an argument, i dont want to talk to you anymore because you only talk when you want something. sort your shit out you lazy pathetic excuse for a woman.

I can't stand the people I work with. All they do is complain but they are all far to lazy to fix what is annoying them. Who do they think the "someone" is when they say "someone should do something". How about doing something yourself you lazy waste of oxygen.

I eat far too much, and I eat in secret so I know it's wrong but I just can't stop.

I enjoy my organizing job so much. I wish I could work for free. Being organized help families with daily task.TH

I will really miss my son when he leave for the university of redlands

every day i wish that my wife and son would have a car accident and die so that i will be free to enjoy life

I said that I liked girls... and had no attraction to guys.

I lied. I'm not really attracted to either :/

I'm in love with my Ex from like 2 years ago and I think about her everyday

i hate my bf and he's cheating on me. the guy i like just asked my best friend out and i dont hate her, i hate him. i wish i was dead...i mean nothing.

i cheated on the woman i love

I love you Jenny. I will never tell you cause you're a cold hearted bitch but I love you so much.

My husband doesn't know he isn't the father to 'our' son.

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