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My best friend told me she likes me as more than a friend. I knew that I didn't feel the same but I tried to convince myself that I did. We ended up kissing. Both of our's first kiss. I regret it, but I can't bring myself to tell her the truth, I know she's been hurt before.

I would like to be stabbed one day. I just want to feel what it's like.

I can't stop the urge to vomit after I eat. When I'm home alone, I vomit. I don't think I can stop until I have collarbones that catch rain.

i am so jealous. out of all the girls you could have been with after me, you had to choose her, the one girl i can never ever compete with. im so embarrassed, im angry at you both so much. we had something! and she... she was one of my friends! and you kept it from me, and tried to prevent me from finding out. thanks so much. way to kill my self esteem.

and the worst thing is, i would still go for you in a second, i wish you didnt have this much control over me! fuckkk you/i love you :(

I love you Ben

I have been with a man for 13 years, engaged for 8 years. We have plenty of issues and problems with fidelity and trust....but now the tables are turned. He wants to marry me and now I'm the one having the affair!!
This other man is INCREDIBLE, down to earth, listens, loves me for who I am, appreciative and i think I'm in love with him. The sex is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, the emotional connection is unimaginable. I actually had tears in my eyes from the emotions. I feel nothing with my spouse.

i dream that me and my teacher are making love in a movie cinema.

the only reason I am not getting back together with you right now is because I want to see if he loves me back.

although i have a new girlfriend and I like her a lot, i still wish I could be with my ex girlfriend.

I hate someone so much it scares me hatred burns red hot against a certain individual and I pray every day he rots in hell and dies a painful death...I will outlast the fat old fuck and drink champaign the day he dies and piss on his grave..rot in hell you fat prick

Every time I cross a road, I hope that a car hits me and I die. I think I'm scared of the pain, but it seems so much better than the pain I have now. The thought of nothingness and being numb is so inviting...

the day you kept me company and wandered through home building to find the random bridge was one that i'll never forget. i really don't want to lose your friendship. thanks, james :)

i hate all my friends.

I pray to God every night that my dad gets granted parole. Im worried that if he gets denied, i'll lose my faith in God

I love you, Darcy.

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