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so a friend just randomly said "hey fatso, have you lost any weight" and that has really stung.
If only he had a clue.
I eat because I want to drown away my sorrows.
I'm killing my body and I know it.
I just can't bring myself to do anything about it simply because I don't love myself enough.
I need to start learning to like myself and putting more trust in myself.
Most importantly, I need the one person who's most important to be supportive of me simply by understanding and being there. It all seems too hard now that I've penned it down.
Unrealistic. Should I just wait for a miracle instead?

okaay last ni8 i was drunk an i called my ex an told him dat still like him!!!!!!!!!!
i m scared wht's he gna do nw
gosh m screwd

are any of the words you said to me true.Did you love me? Was i the best thing that ever happened to you? Did i make you feel like no other? Is what we have real, or is it all just wishful thinking?

I told you I never wanted a wedding or children, and at the time it was true.
But I have changed my mind and I so badly want to have a family with you. I cry when I see mothers with their children.
But you havent changed your mind. And so I'll forever cry.

no one wants me

I wish you would buy me an engagement ring already, I'm so sick of saying I'm engaged and wearing the ring I purchased for my birthday.

after all the years, u think u know someone...i dont think u truly ever do!
i did everything for you. i lost my myself because of you....and then u go and get with her...she is, well..fugs! and no, its not because I am jealous, its far from that. in fact, since we broke up, ive lost 20 kilos and cant do anything with out someone trying to hit on me...and u would think i would stop thinking about you? no! u even moved into the same suburb as me with it! ur fkd.
but u no what, i met a boy...well not really met, more like re-connected and he is everything i could possibly want and more...and one thing that makes everything even more awesome, is that is better than u.
And i know u still stalk my facebook, how does it feel now im successful and pretty? hmmm im glad i had this vent! i hope u get everything u deserve...i dont think its u i miss, i think its ur family...i spoke to ur mum the other day, i know she still loves me and she has always dislike that thing...anyways, i hope u get married and have ugly babies!

u are the sexiest man alive
we work together and i cant stop staring at u...i know u love it because ur always staring at me too...
u are everything i love in a man! i love dribbling over u...and i know u know it because i got drunk and told u...we made out...i dont remember LOL
but u are engaged to an apparently not so awesome woman which i find particularly strange...
im only new, but I know in time, we wont be able to help ourselves...
u always stare at me too and i know i hide from u and u look like u dont know what to make of me....i dont either!
ur a sexy bitch!

I just joined facebook...please help me !!!

i am a compulsive confessor

i think i like girls... and boys

i hate absolutely everything,about myself.

I have lost one of my great friends cause her husband kissed another girl. I never had the guts to tell her cause she is pregnant & I dont want to burst the bubble.
Her husband is a jerk who I really hope one day gets is just desserts back. So now I say goodbye to a friend all because I took the easy way out.

i really like you ben.

i am not turned on by my husband but i love him as a friend and don't want to lose his friendship. he is terrible in bed and is weak as a person too. i don't respect him and that makes me feel so bad and guilty i hate myself for not loving him when he loves me.

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