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I'm not attracted to girls. Men just scare the hell out of me.

I can't feel anything. Only a lot of sadness and anger and sometimes I have flashbacks of what happened to me, which is scary. What is scarier is that I feel so much rage that i can barely contain it sometimes. I don't want to die, but I think that might be the only way of saving me family from this poison inside of me.

I'm asexual. So what?

I came back to work one night and
peed on a Mexican girls chair cushion.She was a bitch always giving me trouble. She sat on it the next day and got wet. They suspected me but couldn't prove it.

I love my bestfriend.. And I hope he loves me back

My housemate never cleaned the bathroom. I came back from a 2 week holiday and the bathroom was filthy with all her muck. I used her toothbrush to clean the toilet. That lazy bitch was going to help with the cleaning somehow.

I'm not doing a good job and I don't care.

I stole my colleague's box of tissues off their desk because I couldn't be bothered going all the way to the stationary cupboard to get a new box. I left them my old box with one tissue in it so they'd think they's used them all up themselves.

I'd rather be at the park.

Brandon, i love you so much.
So much so, no amount of words could describe how i feel. No amount of words could also describe how much it kills me inside to see you with her.

I'm still in love with a friend who i slept with 6 yrs ago before I met my boyfriend.We've never been available for each other, or maybe the feelings have never been mutual.After all this time I know i should move on and distance myself from you but i love you too much to cut you off completely. So I keep you within arms reach, and no matter how happy I am and sure i am that i want to stay with my beautiful boyfriend--not a day passes by that I dont think about you

Even if I've been wanting to break up with my boyfriend, our torrid love-making always changes my mind.

I wonder if there's love or just plain lust. :|

i love you ricky. :/

I cheated with someone. Its over now and I don't want it to be. I'm married and he's single. I haven't loved my husband in a really long time but I don't want my son to get heart aches to b with this other fellow however he still loves his ex-girlfriend. I think he thinks she will eventually come back to him. I have so many unresolved feelings. I have seen him once since we stopped talking and my heart just dropped.I don't know if he really liked me or if he is on a mission to see how many white girls he can sleep with.I wonder if because I am so lonely is the reason I fell so quick and so hard. I never told him I loved him but I wish everyday I had,but I wasn't sure if I would be able to walk away from my marriage.I had decided that I would if my feelings got any stronger for him.they say time will make it easier but its I find I'm angrier than ever at my husband for not being the man that I want him to be. I'm so sad and lonely I hope my heart heals soon.

I met you on Wednesday for the very first time and it felt like I'd known both you and your sister for a very very long time. We got on fine and I liked how you liked all the things that I happened to like too. You're doing all the things I want to do and more than that, you've been wonderful and our conversations have been cheeky and fun.
You're 4 years older than me and where I stand, that looks pretty bad.
Call me in 4 years, please, because you're everything that I want in a person

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