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I'm afraid of getting old, because it means I wont be pretty anymore.

I'm afraid because I feel that being pretty is the only thing I have going for me.

Everytime I look at my ex I think I hate him a little bit. Though it's funny, because everytime a see a picture of him with another girl I hate her a little too. So I'm thinking that there's a little bit there that still loves him too.

I am in love with someone eles

so i like this guy, and he's two years older than me... what do i do? like yeah.... :( <3 but i love him so much

i hate this girl, and she's called helen

i lie and lie and lie. im in too deep now. so basically im a lie

i want to lose weight but i eat when i am bored or stressed. i have no friends. not a single one.

I'm so scared of dying. All I think is if there's nothing there, what was the point to all of this. But if there is life after death, what the hell am I going to do for eternity? I guess if anything, I hope reincarnation exists.

I hate my bestfriend for being drama queen.



Dorina i want to lick u from head to toe and make love to u I LOVE YOU

I've many sins I like to confess
but let me confess a recent one
a friend of mind ask me to buy him a wealther on my ebay account, so he gave me te money I order the wealther. But it was taking to long to deliver so I claim back my money on paypal, and ebay paid me back but later the same week the machine arrived and I end up keeping both the machine and the money. What a shame on me, I really like to pay the ebay seller back but I used the money somwhere else and I don't have it anymore to payback :( please God forgive me or make me capable of paying all I owe money back one day

I do love a senior girl in my college. I have not told her yet. But someday I will. I love her soooooo much. Those who read this pray for me.

H, you are the most erotic woman I have every met.

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