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i love you so much but i could never ever tell you because you hate people,and the world, and most probably me, your such a cold hearted bitch

i did a poo im mu mums sock whils wearing my snorkling equipment... this is actually a fact!

I was abused as a child... I was maybe 11 or 12 can't remember as I have tried to block it from the moment it started lasted till I wad 15.. I'm 34 mow. I have forgiven him.. And I know he can't hurt anyone. Else.... I pity him. God have mercy on his soul.

samantha is special

There is this chick behind me, i scarred of her, because she goes clubbing a lot, i dont know what she has, i cant explain it, a lot of puss drooling out of her mouth, is that some sort of STD? i am serz, if she coughs, can i get it?

Karina loves her bf andrew

I can say all I want that beauty doesn't matter, I don't mean it. I judge people from the second I see them; their hair, clothes, skin, the way they speak. I mark them off as cheap and nasty or rich and above me. And I hate myself for it. I just hate myself in general. Can't even look in a mirror without crying. And there's no way out.

one of my friends said that if i did a poo in the guys letter box that i liked that he would like me back but it just made him mad at me :( my friends always make me do things that dont seem normal. i have a feeling they are not my friends they are just teasing me behind my back

I fell in love with a sociopath. now I'm afraid I've lost the ability to trust people.

i realised that most people try to keep you down so they have you where they want to make themselves feel better

breaking free and away from everything and everyone ive ever known was the best thing i have ever done and has give me the strength to say... FUCK YOU

i secretly always hated my ex boyfriend.

After having four children, I now have the baby belly and no matter what I do, as in exercise, eat right it hasn't gone away and I hate it when people ask "when are you due" it just kills me inside. I always reply with "it's just left overs" they always just look the other way

I went out with my ex's best friend and strangely, it was the way we reconciled- because we HAD to talk to eachother. Now he has a huge crush on my best friend...

I can't wait for Halloween.

If I was to be myself, I'll destroy my family. So I'll just destroy myself instead.

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