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I lied to my best friend for 3 years about being clean from meth. I have been clean for the past 2 years but I can't tell her without confessing to lying to her for the first 3 years.

I love you all and i'm so sad you all don't love each other

I fall in love With him but he doesnt as he is a gay

Through out my life, I have seen multiple people die in front of me. All that I can think whenever I relieve those memories is that i'm glad that is wassn't me who die.

I hurted a person who was dear to me

I want to stand on top of a building terrace and scream my lungs out. Scream till I'm exhausted but scream till I feel alive.

I am 40 years old but feel like a child in my mind...

I ate the last muffin, don't tell anybody.

I don't know who I am and what am I doing in life. I am scared of being a failure in all respects of life.. boyfriend/job etc etc etc!

I wonder how people who don't know jack have so much confidence!

I hate myself and my life

I have thoughts - violent, racist, sexist, evil thoughts - in my mind that feel like someone else's thoughts being forced into my head. I'd never do any of them, but I hate having them within me all the same. As afraid of suicide as I am, I would gladly die to get some peace.

I used to dream of being better than one of my old elementary teachers because I thought that she was so stuck up and it annoyed me so much. I was so obsessed with it. Got over it now, of course, but...yeah.

I miss my dog kiki

i'd like to slap mouthy people, not unless its my mom

sometimes i express to impress...

I still go on your Facebook page as you to see what you're saying to people. I know you're a cheater. I feel bad for anyone who dates you.

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