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i miss him & my heart is empty without him :(

my birthday is coming up and i would prefer to just totally skip it

Right now, in this instant... I want to destroy myself.

Just ruined a potential relationship between my 2 friends partly because I was jealous and the other part personal gain.

I am so going to hell for this..

i love a girl called charlotte

I enjoy blood

i am a 32 year old guy and still a virgin :(

The worst thing is the silence.

I love eurasian girls - wish I was with one right now...

In 2.5 years my bf has never seen my stomach because its completely hideous and saggy due to weight loss and gain, the same goes for my arms. I have so many stretchmarks on my body that I am so limited in what I can wear. I am only 31 and was never able to live a normal life of a girl enjoying her body and able to wear nice clothes. I am only beautiful in the dark and that makes me sad. I am also screwed up from my childhood. I get so stressed easily have anxiety and at times depression. I never used to want marriage and kids but at this point in my life I do. Another sucker punch from life to me is that I don't ovulate so pregnancy won't come easy. Personally id rather adopt because I don't think id be able to handle pregnancy. I just want to feel what confidence and happiness is before its too late.

I hate my 3 ex boyfriends so much I wish I never met them.

I hate my aunt so much, I honestly wouldn't care if she died. She has said some horrible things about me, I hate the way she makes me feel, and I hate the fact I hate her.

I am 20, he is 40. And hell we like each other, us two young punks! He's excellent in caresses, slightly arrogant, forever a child. One of the most amazing love affairs I've ever had.

I have made my wifes friend very pregnant

I often wish I would just get hit by a bus. Life's too hard. I'm too numb. Sometimes I just don't see the point anymore. I wouldn't do it intentionally though.

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