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i share the same love interest as my best friend but I have a boyfriend. I dont think i will ever be able to handle her talking about him to me.

My boyfriend is my security blanket

I loaned a friend some money. He did not pay it back as he said he would, and now he seems to be avoiding me. I have learned a valuable lesson!

I have no friends. People I come across treat me badly. I am a nice person with a good heart. I'm kind and I'd do anything for anyone. I don't understand why people have to be mean to me. I feel like people are trying to make me ugly.

I want to know what it feels like to be happy.

Everyone on my Formspring accuses me of being anorexic and bulimic. I deny every one of them. Truth is I've had both for 18 months.

I spent the money given by my wife to pay the debt to friend. She does not know about it.

I hate most of my female colleagues at work.

I've physically abused my 05 year old son several times.

I've sworn at my parents.

I do not pray daily.

SO i love the song Confessions by Usher.

I love my boy so much, but sometimes my eyes wander and I wonder what someone else tastes like...

I miss my past love. The most romantic stories I could never even imagine came from with here. There's been girls since then, I feel nothing.
I just want to lie in bed pull her close and feel at home again.

I've been seeing a 19 year old - i'm 35. I'm going to meet her parents this weekend and it's totally freaking me out.

I get so jealous of random girls... seriously. I'll rip your fucking face off, bitch.

i cheated in my final exam of school and my university exams and now i am a qualified doctor


You were messed up, aggressive and downright dangerous. You did some horrible thins to me.

Why do I feel like it's still my fault. How is it possible, that after the 12 months we've been apart, if I see your name somewhere I get a huge panicky rush and then a feeling of regret.

I still love you.

Did you even like me at all?

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