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I wish you liked me more than Kris. I wish I didn't feel like I was bugging you when I talk to you. I wish you'd fall in love with me. I guess for my own sake I need to back off like I said I would. will be hard but so is knowing you like her more than me.

I never get to get the guy. I give so much but they never love me. they always choose someone else. God where is the guy you made for me? Please let him find me soon, I'm dying here.

i love to wear strange clothing and have been secretly wearing spikey hats since i was 10

i wrote a list that was 2 pages long, about all the things i hated/disliked about my body. i am still finding things wrong with it to add.

I hate people who don't make an effort with people. They just sit there in silence in a group setting then complain to me how nobody likes them or talks to them. Say something and people will talk to you or sit there and stop complaining about it!

I have fallen in love with someone who has nearly all the signs of anti-social personality disorder but it works because he is so great in bed :)

I want to get pregnant with his baby so he will always be around and I won't have to try and be close to another guy. I can't be bothered trying to trust another guy enough to even feel like this. It takes too much effort.

Everytime I think about how I told you I loved you I regret it. I don't want you to use it against me in the future. It scares me that I trust you so much especailly after all the stories you have told me about the emotional manipulation you have inflicted upon other girls who have loved you.

I wish I was born a girl

I'm 43, my biggest fantasy is to be 15 again... but knowing what I know now.

I have a crush on a girl that I have never met and although I have talked to her for years, I found out she lied about her age. sigh she is too young

I met the guy the other night, talk to him a lot now. Meeting him just once has made me like him, I may have finally found the one for me :)

Facebook sometimes just makes me plain depressed looking at all those girls prettier than me or that have everything

after all that has been said and done, why still can i not let go????? why do i hold this shimmmer of hope, that oneday il wake up and find this has all been a bad dream. in reality there is no going back, yet the reality is i cant let go. what am i meant to do? how long must i live this way?

weve been together maybe 4months and already u want to be engaged in another nine. i love u but i dont no if i can make that commitment... im only 18, but i dont no what id do without u...

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