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I was really mean to a friend out of jealousy and haven't. Spoken to him since

I look at so many messages about someone loving or missing someone and it breaks my heart. No one misses or loves me. I wish with all the hope left in my heart that one day someone will love me before my soul dies and I have nothing left to give ....

i'm horny! :(

im still in love with my ex girlfriend, i hurt her pretty bad and i am pretty sure she hates me. i think about her all the time and no one has ever made me feel the way she did. i now have another partner and child and love my little one with all my heart. ill never break up with my current though because i could never bare to not wake up in the morning and see my daughter smiling at me. i always am wondering if my ex thinks about me the way i think about her. i miss you J

i feel awfully awkward around him ever since i sent him that e-mail. We both feel the tension.

I'm too scared to tell him how I feel..

Could you like me? I dont know, someone said you once did...years ago...great. I don't know whether I have a chance at all, or even if I want a chance! As its pretty darn strange that I like you, it happened so gradually, and I have to admit it was a bit of a surprise, its like some dirty secret, if my friends knew they would give me shit for it! And if anything happened between us, my goodness they would! And I imagine it would be quite amusing from their perspective. They still have the same perception I had of you a year ago, but now, I see you've changed, although if I'm honest I thought you were alright and even reasonable company all along I just didn't have much to do with you. I wonder what you really think of me though? Not cool enough? Pretty? Friendly? I wonder if you suspect...I wonder when I'll next see you, it could be any length of time...what is this? why do I like you when my friends are repulsed by you?

i love Anthea

I am so lonely...I'm so ready to meet someone nice, but terrified I'll be cheated on again if I open myself up.

When will I meet my Mr Right? I'm 37, never been married, never even been engaged!

Where are you already!!! I need you!! Hurry up and find me!! Save me from this loneliness!!!

I don't think anyone will ever love me or want to marry me. I am scared I'm going to be alone forever..

He is NOT your son, he's MY son, you're his 'step' mother which basically means you're his unpaid babysitter. Its not a competition for his love, he could love the world his heart is so big! So stop all this BS you're doing before I blow my top at you!!

What is wrong with me that no one has ever loved me? I wasted 10 years of my life loving 2 men and they both married someone else. Why didn't they want to marry me?
Why doesn't anyone want to be with me? What is wrong with me?

I gave you everything and you threw it away. How could you do that? How could you hurt me that way? You knew how I felt about you, knew I'd be hurt. You don't care about anyone but yourself. You're a crap Dad to our son and I hope your new b*tch of a wife cheats on you and shatters your heart like you did to mine. Its nothing less than you deserve!

I feel like my soul is dying. I wish someone would hold me and tell me it will be ok. I'm so lonely.

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