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I like this girl that I can't have. She amazes me and drives me crazy. I think about her all the time, before i go to sleep and when I wake up!I want to give her everything. I would treat her amazingly but she wont consider me coz I'm a woman too. At times I feel that she could feel the same way one day but I just dont know how to go about it! :( I just want to make myself happy by making her happy! I don't know how to go about it.

I'm a girl. But I want so bad to be a boy.

i hate OCD .. im terrified of it .. sometimes i think it would be easier if i took drugs to escape the pain . but im a mum of 2 and a wife . i love them so much ... i just hate mental ilnesses . its fucking destoyed my soul . i put on a brave face and say " yeah im over all that now " but inside im in turmiol . i want to tell hubby but im scared of looking weak but not overcoming it last time .

my best frined has really bad breath :( i dont know how to tell her , i dont want to upset her . as i relly value our freindship ...

i don't love him but i really like him but he's in love with me

I have a third nipple

Recently found out that I wasn't pregnant, as relieved as I am... I kind of wish I was; just to know whether he'd be there for me, to support me or would he run?

I feel like everyone is judging me, especially people who are close to me.

i'm pregnant and i'm 15

I'm really angry. I want to take it out on everyone. I dont know what to do.

I already know I want to have your babies! You're THAT amazing.

i hate guys that lie to girls

i think i like. but i think my best friend does too. uh oh

i pooped my pants twice in one day on outreach in Uganda. I didn't tell my team about it. I was so sick tho so thats alright right?

I am so exhausted from all the dramas! I do not know how I turned into this person and I just want to go back...I just want to be happy again...please!

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