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I don't love my husband, I only stay because he has no job and can't support himself.

I feel like I pretend to much but feel I'm genuine and honest at the same time .
Is it because I tell people what I think they want to hear naturally

As a teenager, I used to pretend to be a lesbian when playing netball. I would ask for my opponents phone number and tell them they looked good in a skirt. After doing this, all the girls did not come within a 5 metre radius of me which meant I could pass and catch the ball without any obstruction - this tactic won us many points.

I have a man crush on Brad Pitt (no homo

I have faked seizures so I could just stay in bed and sleep all day.

I've liked this guy for a little over a year now which is REALLY long for me since I've only ever liked a guy for 4 months or so.. I think I'm in love with him.. But idk what that means to be in love? Is it even possible

iam 24year old virgin,and a complete loser.

I confess that I am afraid of being alone, I am always scared that my boyfriend is going to leave me because I am not good enough or I am to clingy but it's the only way I feel safe and secure with him when I'm clingy, but I am to scared to tell him I'm afraid to loose him, afraid to let him go and have space, afraid of just loosing the one I love, I can't stand it, but that's all

I feel like if I vanished off the face of this earth, nobody would even notice.

I am so depressed. I hate myself, specifically my appearance. Everyone probably thinks about me that way also as I'm already 23 and have never had a boyfriend. I'm always so horny and no one is interested.

I fell in a love with a girl who I can't forget damn she was the one but I lost her just coz of misunderstanding :( still she is still in my heart one day we will meet again

I'm a nursing student and I hate it. I've never been good with people and I don't do well on tests, but I'm afraid to drop out. Then the last two years are for nothing.

I still love my ex and he has a new
Gf which sucks and she is being a
bitch to me for no fricken reason. So yeah ...

I get lonely all the time, but i hate people. So much!

I lied to my best friend for 3 years about being clean from meth. I have been clean for the past 2 years but I can't tell her without confessing to lying to her for the first 3 years.

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